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Dental Bridges in Wayne

Bring Back Your Missing Teeth

If you’re currently missing one or more teeth in a row, then you don’t need us to tell you about the numerous problems they can cause when it comes to your oral function and appearance. At Wayne Family Dentistry, we’re all about providing our patients with solutions, so if you have gaps in your smile you’d like to go away, we can easily help you do that using something called a dental bridge. In just two appointments, our team can replace your missing teeth with a lifelike restoration that will bring back your bite and confidence at the same time.

Bridge Basics

Model smile with fixed bridge restoration

A dental bridge has its name due to the fact that it literally bridges the space left by one or more consecutive missing teeth. How does it do this? The teeth located on either side of the missing ones are actually fitted with crowns, and these are used to support the prosthetic teeth that fill in the space. With a dental bridge, our team is able to:

  • Bring back the original appearance of the smile
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of place
  • Restore alignment to the bite
  • Save the remaining teeth from excessive wear and tear

Bridges can be made from gold, alloys, and even porcelain to provide the most natural appearance possible. If a patient doesn’t have enough healthy dental structure to support a traditional bridge, one can also be made using dental implants.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

Model of prepared teeth prior to fixed bridge restorations

Once you and your dentist have decided that a dental bridge is the best choice for you, the procedure will involve the following steps:

  • Your dentist will start by slightly reshaping the teeth located on either side of the missing ones so they’re able to securely fit the supporting crowns.
  • They’ll take an impression of the area where the bridge is going to be placed, and this will be sent to a dental lab to actually manufacture the bridge.
  • Before you leave this appointment, you’ll be fitted with a temporary bridge.
  • A week or so later, you’ll return to Wayne Family Dentistry to have your temporary removed and your permanent bridge fitted into place. Your dentist will make any final adjustments and check your bite before sending you on your way.

Missing teeth can really be a burden in a number of ways, but fortunately, dental bridges can be used to address all of them. If you’re ready to enjoy a complete smile again, contact us today to discuss your restorative options.