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Learn About Our Commitment To Your Safety

Preventive Dentist for Wayne Residents

Safeguard Your Smile For Life

We believe that the best kind of dental problem is the one that never occurs in the first place, which is why the team at Wayne Family Dentistry places such an emphasis on preventive care. With regular checkups, cleanings, and the other services detailed below, we can help you and your entire family avoid pesky tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and more for years at a time. We recommend that you come to see us at least every six months, so if it’s time for you or your child’s next appointment, be sure tocontact us today!

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Smiling man in dental chair

At a checkup and cleaning appointment, our team will learn everything they can about your unique dental needs as well as try to catch problems at their earliest stages so we can treat them right away. We’ll also remove harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums to stop cavities before they even begin. Not only are these appointments quick and easy, but they’ll also significantly lower your chances of needing more extensive (and expensive!) treatments over time.

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Dental Sealants

Closeup of teeth with dental sealants

A dental sealant enables us to give the most vulnerable teeth—the back teeth—a little extra protection from decay and cavities. We simply paint on a thin, clear layer of a plastic-based substance directly onto the teeth, and this quickly hardens to fill in the pits and grooves that can easily trap plaque and bacteria. This is a great option for young children who are still learning how to brush as well as adults who are prone to developing tooth decay.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Clear nightguard on metal tray

Do you frequently wake up in the morning with headaches or jaw pain? Do your teeth seem like they’ve been worn down? If so, then you may be suffering from bruxism, or nocturnal teeth grinding and clenching. Left untreated, it can actually wear your teeth down to the point that they actually break! To help with this sneaky problem, we can have a patient wear something called a nightguard to bed. This is a small oral appliance that places a protective barrier between the teeth to prevent any harmful contact during the night.

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Teen boy placing sportsguard

Before any athlete hits the field, mat, or court, they should always have the proper safety gear, and this should include a mouthguard to protect their teeth from unexpected impacts. Wayne Family Dentistry is able to provide custom-made mouthguards that are much more comfortable and durable than anything you can pick up off of store shelves. Even better, research has shown that properly-fitted mouthguards designed by a dentist are actually able to lower an athlete’s risk of concussion as well!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

This year alone, nearly 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer, and unfortunately, many will not survive the next five years because the disease wasn’t caught until it was quite advanced. Early detection is absolutely essential to the successful treatment of the disease, which is why at Wayne Family Dentistry, we include a complete oral cancer screening as part of every checkup.

For this, your dentist will examine your mouth and the surrounding area for any suspicious sores or growths that could indicate cancerous or precancerous cells. They’ll utilize an ultraviolet light that will help them spot abnormalities that normally would be hidden from the naked eye. Should they find anything that causes concern, they can help you quickly get the follow-up care you need.

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Fluoride Treatment

Smiling young girl in dental chair

If you look around, you’ll find fluoride all over the place: in many foods, toothpastes, and even the water that comes out of your tap. This mineral has been shown to help keep the teeth protected from cavities for decades, however, more and more people aren’t getting enough daily due to the growth in popularity of non-fluoridated bottled water. To help keep your family cavity-free between appointments, we can provide you with a quick and easy fluoride treatment as part of your regular checkups.

Periodontal Therapy

Closoeup of healthy teeth and gums

When it comes to your oral health, the condition of your gums is just as important as your teeth, and they can often fall victim to something called periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, this oral infection can cause swelling, redness, and even tooth loss if left unchecked. Fortunately, we’re able to address periodontal disease right here in Wayne using two of the most effective treatments available today: scaling and root planing and antibiotic therapy.

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Children’s Dentistry

Smiling young girl outdoors

At Wayne Family Dentistry, we literally have “family” right in our name, which means all of your loved ones are always welcome through our doors. If you have a little smile or two at home, then we’re ready to help them enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health. Many of our team members are parents themselves, so they’ll know just how to keep your child comfortable as we provide the treatments their growing smiles need.

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