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Oral Cancer Screenings – Wayne, PA

Stay Healthy with Early Cancer Detection

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Oral cancer screenings have become a vital part of your routine dental checkup. A screening can give you piece of mind that you are cancer-free, or it can give you a better chance at a full recovery through early detection. Especially if you practice lifestyle choices like smoking or tobacco use, an oral cancer screening in Wayne could be your first step to recovering from a potentially life-threatening disease. At Wayne Family Dentistry, we have a team of dentists who are experienced in detecting oral cancer. If you’ve noticed irregularities in your mouth and haven’t visited your dentist recently, contact our office for a thorough oral cancer screening.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

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While some signs of cancer are hard to detect on your own, you should still be on the lookout for these common symptoms:

  • Red or white lesions in your mouth
  • Sores on your mouth, tongue, gums, or lips
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • Lumps on the surface or beneath soft tissue
  • A persistently sore throat
  • Pain in your ears
  • Numb spots in your mouth

The earlier these symptoms are caught, the better chance of a full and healthy recovery. That’s why it’s important to visit our office every 6 months. These trips will not only keep your teeth healthy, but they will provide an opportunity for early treatment if you do have any issues.

What Does My Dentist Look for During a Screening?

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It is estimated that dentists find 84% of oral cancers early on, which is why the few minutes that an oral cancer screening takes is incredibly important. Our dental team are skilled and experienced in detecting cancers. One of our dentists will give your mouth a careful examination to check for any cancerous tissue. If they see any signs of oral cancer, they may recommend a biopsy for further investigation. If they don’t detect any signs or symptoms, this quick and easy part of your routine checkup gives your oral health 100% certainty.

What to Expect During My Screening

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One of our dentists will provide a visual and physical exam. First, they will take an in-depth look at your mouth, checking for warning signs or symptoms of cancer. They will visually examine the roof and floor of your mouth as well as your throat, lips, tongue, cheeks, and face for anything that could signal cancer. Next, they will physically examine your jaw and neck to make sure you’re healthy. They will feel the lymph nodes around your jaw and neck to check for lumps or bumps that can tip off cancer. They may also rub your jaw joints and around your ears to make sure everything is in good condition. Each of these steps are important to comprehensively check for oral cancer.

When is the last time your mouth has been checked for cancer? Contact Wayne Family Dentistry today for a fast, easy, and noninvasive oral cancer screening.