What to Know Before Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment uses clear, custom aligners that shift teeth into a straighter position. We provide Invisalign in Worcester, MA, for patients with mild to moderately crooked or misaligned teeth. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment methods, including traditional metal braces, which can be uncomfortable for many patients. If you are interested in Invisalign but want to learn more about treatment before committing to treatment, we’re here to help.

What to Know Before Invisalign Treatment

What To Know: Invisalign in Worcester, MA

Every patient has different needs when it comes to orthodontic treatment. If you want to learn more about Invisalign before treatment, we’re here to help. There are multiple factors you can consider before committing to orthodontic care. For patients with mild to moderate orthodontic needs, Invisalign treatment offers:

Discreet Treatment

Because Invisalign aligners are clear, they can easily blend in with the smile. Traditional braces use silver wires and brackets with colored elastics that stand out. If you need orthodontic care but don’t want to attract attention, Invisalign can be a great option for you.


Invisalign treatment can use attachments like buttons to add pressure to particular teeth or areas of the smile. We can bond small, tooth-colored buttons on certain teeth. These buttons can act as anchors for elastics. Buttons in the front of the smile are made to blend in with the aligners, while metal buttons are typically in the back of the mouth. While not every patient will require an attachment, they are helpful for patients with specific problem teeth.

Fewer Dietary Restrictions

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign does not have dietary restrictions against hard, crunchy, and sticky foods like popcorn or pizza crusts. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, patients do not need to worry about damaging their aligners when eating. Instead, patients can remove their aligners, eat, clean their teeth and their aligners, and then place their aligners back on their teeth. Removing the aligners also ensures that they are not damaged or stained.

Specific Cleaning

When you remove your Invisalign aligners, you need to clean your teeth and your aligners. There are multiple methods that you can use to clean your aligners. You can use Invislaign crystals or mouthguard cleaner to soak your aligners, or you can gently clean your aligners with liquid soap and water. These cleaning methods are often much simpler than cleaning metal braces. Food can easily get stuck in metal braces, and it can be a pain to try to floss with braces. With Invisalign, you don’t need to worry about navigating around brackets and wires. You can clean your teeth like usual.

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