Dental Bridge Wayne, PA

Are you missing multiple permanent teeth? Do you have a row of consecutive lost teeth? At Wayne Family Dentistry, we offer restorative dental treatment with dental bridges in our Wayne, PA dental office. Typically, dental bridges are secured by adjacent natural teeth. They can also be supported by dental implants.

Although traditional dental bridges offer quick treatment, more often than not, we will recommend implant-secured dental bridges to our patients. Below, you can learn the differences between these types of bridges as well as how we provide treatment with bridges.

Dental Bridge in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Fixed and Implant-Secured Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges are false teeth that are secured by natural abutment teeth. This type of dental bridge is supported by dental crown-capped natural teeth. However, traditional fixed bridges do not fully support the bite. Patients with traditional bridges may have dietary restrictions as it may be difficult to eat hard or chewy foods.

Implant-secured dental bridges last longer and support patients’ oral health. Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically inserted into the bone tissue. They fully replace missing teeth and make sure that bridge prosthetics are secure. With implant bridges, patients are able to bite, chew, and even speak with renewed confidence.

Treatment with Implant-Secured Dental Bridges

Before treatment, we will need to make sure that patients have enough bone tissue to support their dental implants. If needed, we may recommend bone grafting services. Bone grafting takes bone tissue from a different part of the mouth and places it where it is required. Then, to make sure that the dental bridges are secure and healthy, we can also provide gum disease treatment.

We will take digital impressions to create the bridge prosthetic. Then, our oral surgeon will place the dental implants in key areas of the mouth to support the bridge. Once the implants have healed, we will place the permanent dental bridge.

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