Wayne PA Dentist Office

The office and dental staff of Wayne Family Dentistry welcome you to our practice. In our Wayne, PA dentist office, our goal is to make dental care accessible to patients of all ages.

For over two decades, we have offered everything from preventative dental care to cosmetic smile makeovers and restorative care for complex dental problems. We are committed to providing our patients with coordinated care to make their oral health treatment and routine maintenance a positive experience.

We want our patients to feel comfortable communicating any dental problems or cosmetic concerns when they visit our office. Our dentists collaborate with patients one-on-one for the best treatment results possible. Additionally, our office staff works with patients so they understand their insurance and financial planning options.

Comfortable, Family-Friendly Care

wayne family dentistry office photoWe know that it can sometimes be difficult for parents to schedule regular dental appointments for themselves and their children. From work to after-school activities, it can be a struggle to find the time. At Wayne Family Dentistry, we can help ensure that dental care fits into your schedule.

Our office is open at 8 AM every weekday and is open for longer on Monday and Thursday. Parents and their children can come in early for routine cleanings and consultations. If needed, parents can schedule visits for their children after school.

For patients who have had negative past experiences at the dentists, or have generalized anxiety about office visits, we can help. Our friendly staff understands that some patients avoid visiting the dentist out of dental fear or anxiety. We work with patients to accommodate their needs, whether they require routine dental care or complex restorative treatment.

Additionally, we offer dental sedation to ensure that patients feel comfortable during their dental treatment. Sedation is typically used, along with anesthetic, during oral surgery or more lengthy dental procedures. If needed, we can safely administer sedation to anxious patients so they can receive the dental care that they need.

Our Modern Dental Technology and Services

Our dental office uses state-of-the-art technology and modern treatment methods. They help us create a more comfortable and even more efficient dental office experience for our patients. Read about each service below:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a modern alternative to traditional dental x-rays. With digital x-rays, we can see details of the teeth and gums, as well as the bone tissue of the jaw. We can see emerging wisdom teeth, gaps between teeth, and other developing dental problems with x-rays.

Using these high-quality images, we can diagnose and plan precise treatment for our patients. X-rays assist our team in providing restorative dental treatments for missing teeth, orthodontic solutions, and even tooth extractions.

The Wand™

The Wand is a handheld device that allows our team to easily administer anesthesia to our patients. This computer-assisted technology administers an anesthetic to single teeth in a controlled manner.

Unlike traditional needle-based anesthesia injections, the Wand does not create numbness in the lips. The Wand is also easier to control, so we can administer more anesthetics slowly and evenly.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium metal screws that replace missing teeth at their socket. They are placed by an oral surgeon in key areas of the mouth. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, the titanium implant post fuses with the jaw bone tissue.

Once the dental implants are healed, they can secure a dental bridge or denture. Single dental implants are capped off with dental crowns. Implants are a versatile and long-lasting option for patients with one or more missing permanent teeth.

Contact Our Dental Office

Are you looking for a dental office in the Wayne, PA area? Call Wayne Family Dentistry for comprehensive treatment today at 610-347-5133. You may also request a dental consultation with our professional dental team on our website. Please let our team know if you have further questions or concerns. They will help clarify your treatment options for you at your next dental visit.