Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know

Missing teeth can disrupt your smile and lead to worsening oral health. While there are many replacement options for missing teeth, most dentists recommend dental implants in Wayne, PA. Patients who choose dental implants for restoration typically see improved jaw strength and bone retention. However, getting an implant does require surgery and can be an invasive procedure. Your dentist can examine your mouth and jaw to help you determine if an implant is the right option for your bite.

DENTAL IMPLANTS in Wayne, PA could help you restore missing teeth in your mouth

What are Dental Implants in Wayne, PA?

Dental implants are small medical devices that look like screws. They are typically made out of titanium and are surgically placed into your jaw. The titanium post is biocompatible and designed to mimic the root structure of your natural tooth. This helps support bone retention and strength in your jaw. The implant must be placed by a certified oral surgeon. After surgery, your dentist can restore the implant to help improve your smile and bite.

Restorations with Dental Implants

Once you have healed after surgery, your dentist will attach small connectors known as abutments to your implants. These abutments form the base of your new restoration. With the abutments in, your dentist will then take impressions of your bite to help fabricate your new teeth.

There are many restoration options for dental implants. In most cases of a single dental implant, your dentist will create a dental crown to attach to the abutment. If you’re missing multiple teeth, you may get a bridge or partial denture instead. Dental implants can also be used to restore an entire arch of your teeth with strategic placement.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most recommended restorative options for patients with missing teeth for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that dental implants help support your jaw and prevent bone loss. This is crucial for reducing the risk of facial sagging or teeth shifting if you are missing a tooth. Implants are also designed to last patients a long time, upwards of 30 years, with good oral hygiene and gum care. This makes them one of the longest-lasting options for tooth replacement.

Are You Eligible for a Dental Implant?

Because a dental implant requires surgery, not all patients are eligible for treatment. Patients must be in good health to undergo dental implant surgery, and their gums will need to be healthy as well. If you do have gum disease, it can increase the risk of the implant failing to integrate with your jaw. Periodontal treatment may be necessary before your dentist can clear you for implant surgery.

At Wayne Family Dentistry, we believe all patients deserve a healthy bite and a confident smile. We coordinate with a local oral surgeon to help patients with missing teeth get implant restoration. The longer you wait to replace a tooth, the more likely you are to suffer further damage. So, give us a call at 610-347-5133 to schedule a consultation and see if dental implants could be right for you.