Is a Denture Right for You?

For patients who are missing multiple teeth or need full-mouth reconstruction, there are limited options for restoration. A Denture in Wayne, PA, could help restore your bite and smile, but they may not be for everyone. Dentures can either be fully removable or part of an implant-supported appliance. Both have their own benefits and downsides for treatment. After an exam and X-rays, your dentist can help determine the right restoration option for your bite.

Getting a Denture in Wayne PA could help restore your bite and smile

Who Can Benefit from a Denture in Wayne, PA?

Full dentures are often used to help patients restore a full arch of teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are often used to restore a few missing teeth in a row. Patients who have suffered tooth loss may be able to benefit from a denture. Patients who currently have expansive decay or disease may also need a denture after having their teeth extracted. While dentists will always work to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, sometimes extraction is the best way to help maintain your oral health.

Removable Dentures

Before implant technology, removable dentures were the only restoration option for patients needing a full set of teeth replacements. Removable dentures aren’t as stable or strong as other restorations, but they do have many advantages. For example, being able to remove your restoration can often make it easier to clean. Patients with removable dentures and partials can often find an improved oral hygiene routine. The ease of care and maintenance makes removable dentures a great option for patients who have limited mobility or other conditions that could affect their ability to brush and floss properly.

Implant-Secured Dentures

For many patients, implants can help make denture restorations more durable and stable. Implants are often recommended to help reduce common problems caused by tooth loss, such as facial sagging. With a few implants placed at strategic points, your dentist could be able to provide you with an implant-secured denture. These dentures are permanently fixed in your mouth. This provides more jaw strength and bite stability. Patients with an implant denture often experience less pain and discomfort when talking and chewing.

Caring for a Denture

No matter what kind of denture you have, it’s important to practice good care and maintenance habits. Dentures need to be cleaned daily, much like your natural teeth. You may also need to adjust your diet to avoid hard or chewy foods. Patients with implant-secured dentures can often enjoy fewer dietary restrictions but should still utilize caution when eating. It’s also important to continue to see your dentist for regular exams and professional cleanings. Doing so can often make the difference between a healthy, long-lasting denture and one that loses its efficiency.

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