How Dental Implants Work to Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can have a large impact on both your smile and your oral health. Without treatment, tooth loss could lead to decay, damage, and jaw disorders. Dental implants in Wayne, PA, may be able to help restore your smile and improve your bite. Most dentists recommend implants whenever possible due to their stability and support for restorations. While not every patient is eligible for implant dentistry, those who are can often expect more benefits over other treatment options.

DENTAL IMPLANTS in WAYNE PA could help restore your bite and smile

How Dental Implants in Wayne, PA, Work

While there are many restoration options for tooth loss, dental implants are among the most preferred by patients and dentists. The combination of the implant post and a quality restoration could help restore your smile and bite. With advanced imagery technology, your dentist could provide maximum jaw support with minimal implant placement. Some patients may even be able to restore an entire arch of teeth with just four implants. The process can be lengthy, but the results are usually worth the wait.

Implant Post Mimics Root Structure

Dental implants work to improve jaw stability and bite strength through the surgical placement of an implant post. The implant post is often made of titanium. Its design looks like a small screw. Your dentist will place the implant into your jawbone, where it will spend around three to six months integrating. This post mimics the root structure of your natural tooth. When this root structure is missing, you’re more likely to suffer loss of bone density, which could lead to facial sagging. Implant posts work to help restore your bone and keep your jaw strong and healthy.

Restoration Balances Bite

The implant post alone is not enough to help restore your bite, however. To complete the implant process, you’ll need a restoration as well. There are a few different restoration options for implants. The most common are:

  • Dental crown – for a single dental implant
  • Implant-supported bridge – for multiple missing teeth in a row
  • Implant-secured denture – for restoring an entire arch of teeth

Restoring a dental implant is crucial for an improved bite. When you’re missing teeth, you often have an imbalance in your bite. Every time you chew or even talk, you could be putting excess strain on your jaw. Without proper treatment, this could lead to jaw disorders and pain. A proper restoration for your implant could help balance your bite and prevent further complications.

Tooth loss, especially unexpected, could lead to worsening dental conditions. Dental implants may be available to help restore your smile and improve your bite. At Wayne Family Dentistry, we coordinate with local specialists to help you get the implant treatment you need. Call us today at 610-347-5133 to schedule a consultation and see if dental implants are right for you.