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5 Unique Facts About Invisalign

February 4, 2020

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Invisalign aligners in Wayne sitting on top of a hard caseInvisalign in Wayne is a modern and discreet way to straighten your smile without using metal brackets and wires that can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. However, beautiful results aren’t the only benefit they have to offer you. Invisalign aligners have several unique qualities and factors that outmatch traditional orthodontic treatments. Read on to learn five unique facts about this modern teeth straightening-solution that make it so great.

The Inventor of Invisalign Wore Metal Braces

Invisalign aligners were created by Zia Chishti, a student at Stanford, in 1997. When he was a student in college, he had his braces removed and had to get a retainer. This sparked the idea that a retainer-like orthodontic system could offer similar results as metal braces while also being more discreet and removable! After a few years, Chishti designed the Invisalign aligner system and launched the treatment.

Straighter Teeth Can Improve Your Oral Health

Many people assume that Invisalign only offers a straighter smile that looks better, but aligned teeth also means better oral health. Plaque, tartar, food debris, and bacteria, can all get trapped in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies caused by crowded and misaligned teeth. Because these areas are difficult to clean, it allows harmful substances to linger longer and increase your risk of developing gum disease and cavities.

7 Surprising Celebrities Who Have Had Invisalign

You may be surprised to know that several celebrities from your favorite movies and television shows used Invisalign to quickly and discreetly straighten their teeth. Some of these include:

  • Eva Longoria
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Zac Efron
  • Justin Bieber
  • Serena Williams
  • Tom Cruise
  • Oprah Winfrey

Aligners are Individually Designed

Unlike traditional orthodontic solutions like metal braces, Invisalign is uniquely designed to accurately and comfortably fit your oral structure for the best results and a comfortable treatment. When you visit your dentist in Wayne for a consultation, they’ll examine your mouth and take impressions to model each series of your Invisalign trays from. These measurements and specifications will also be used to make a 3D digital model of your mouth so you can envision the results that you’ll be able to achieve before you’ve even started your treatment.

Removable Convenience

One of the greatest benefits of Invisalign aligners as opposed to metal braces is that they’re removable, which makes them easy to clean and offers several other advantages as well. With braces, you won’t be able to eat all of your favorite foods because some of them may put you at risk of breaking a bracket or wire. With your Invisalign aligners, all you have to do before you eat is take them out of your mouth. That way, you won’t have to change your diet throughout your treatment.

Another big issue with braces is that they can make it difficult to brush and floss your teeth. With Invisalign, it’s easier to prevent oral health problems from developing during your treatment because all you have to do to effectively clean your mouth is take out your trays.

Invisalign is so popular among patients because it has a variety of unique advantages to offer outside of simply straightening teeth. If you’re on the fence about choosing clear aligners over metal braces, visit your dentist for a consultation to learn which treatment is the best fit for your unique needs.

About the Practice

At Wayne Family Dentistry, we offer the services and expertise of four amazing dentists. We take pride in our ability to offer our patients high-quality and modern dental treatments, like Invisalign aligners. From the first day of treatment to the finish line, we stay by our patients’ sides and customize the complete procedure to fit their unique needs. For questions or to schedule a consultation, visit our website or call 610-688-4578.

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