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At-Home Teeth Whitening

Dramatic Results in the Comfort of Home

Woman with bright white smile

Everyone loves pristinely white teeth, but keeping them that way can certainly be a challenge! Everything from the foods and beverages we enjoy every day to natural aging can cause the teeth to slowly stain over time, making them turn pretty much any other color than white. If you’re ready to do something about the shade of your smile, then Wayne Family Dentistry is ready to provide you with a proven, professional-strength solution you can use right at home.

Phillips DayWhite/NiteWhite take-home kits combine custom-made mouth trays with a powerful bleaching gel that is much stronger than anything you can buy on your own. We’ll design the trays to fit over your unique teeth, and you’ll simply need to wear them with the gel daily for about two weeks to break up and eliminate even the most stubborn stains. Patients often report having teeth that are six, seven, or even EIGHT shades whiter!

Whether your teeth have been stained due to coffee, wine, tea, tobacco, or just the sands of time, our take-home kits can help you restore the glow to your smile while you simply sit and relax at home. To learn more about our whitening options and schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

At-Home Teeth Whitening FAQs

It’s never been easier to get dramatic results in the comfort of home thanks to our professional take-home teeth whitening kits! However, it’s only natural to have some questions that you’d like answered before committing to a treatment. At Wayne Family Dentistry, we want you to feel 100% confident choosing any of our services, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your personalized treatment plan during your consultation. In the meantime, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions we get about take-home teeth whitening below so you can learn more about this popular service! If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How Safe Are Take-Home Whitening Kits?

Not only do most store-bought whiteners provide underwhelming results, but they are notorious for causing tooth sensitivity and gum irritation as well. Our professional take-home whitening kits are much safer and more comfortable. They use powerful whitening ingredients that have been rigorously tested for both efficiency and safety as well as custom-made whitening trays that ensure your gums are protected.

How Do I Prepare for At-Home Teeth Whitening?

Brightening your smile with an at-home whitening kit requires very little preparation on your part. We generally recommend seeing us for a cleaning before starting your treatment, as this ensures that nothing stands between your enamel and the whitening gel. Additionally, oral health issues like cavities and gum disease can make teeth whitening uncomfortable, so we’ll typically need to address these problems before you begin.

Do At-Home Whitening Kits Work on Fillings or Crowns?

While dental restorations like fillings, crowns, direct bonding, and veneers may look just like your natural teeth, they aren’t as porous. As such, teeth whitening will have no effect on them. To help you achieve the seamlessly beautiful results you deserve, we’ll be happy to discuss replacing your previous dental work in a color that matches your new, brilliant smile.

Can Anyone Get an At-Home Whitening Kit?

Our at-home teeth whitening kits are one of our most popular services because practically anyone can benefit from them! To be a good candidate, a patient will typically need to have all their permanent teeth and no oral health issues. However, there are rare cases of severe tooth discoloration that won’t respond well to any whitening treatments. Thankfully these are very rare, but if you find yourself with one such troublesome case, we may suggest other treatments like cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers to help you get the flawless smile you deserve.

How Long Do the Results of At-Home Teeth Whitening Last?

Thanks to the powerful ingredients our treatments utilize, many patients can expect to enjoy the results of their teeth whitening treatment to last for at least a year. In fact, with proper oral hygiene, regular dental checkups, and a diet that avoids staining foods and drinks, you may be able to keep your smile in dazzling condition for several years! When necessary, we can give you another at-home whitening kit to touch up your beautiful smile.